Charity Cycle

Charity Cycle
Marilyn Hart and I are doing a 50 mile cycle around Rutland Water on 26th and 27th September 2015.
It’s a weekend cycle doing 25 miles on the Saturday and 25 miles on the Sunday, and camping overnight.
It’s in aid of Supporting Nepal’s Children, and in this instance I will split the money between 2 causes that are close to my heart.
Firstly, for my dear friend Hira and his family who are sleeping in a tent in the rainy monsoon season, after the earthquake destroyed their house, and for the children of the 3 Sherpa cooks that died in the avalanche in April at Everest Base Camp. My expedition leader Tim Mosedale is taking the money directly out to them in November, when he does an Ama Dablam expedition.
As these are personal charities there is no just giving donation site, but be assured that all monies will go directly to those involved. I’ve already sent money to Hira by Western Union which is very easy, and he was extremely grateful.
I’ve not always been a person that donates and raises money for charity, but I have decided that if it feels good do it, which it does. And to serve this world by giving unconditionally with no expectation is the highest form of a fulfilling satisfying life, and whilst in this state the universe has a habit of saying “how can I give to you, how may I serve you”. It’s just how it is, it’s the laws of the universe, but of course I don’t do it for that reason.
Thank you so much for your support for these people, and inbox me if you want to help.
Have a wonderful fulfilling and satisfying day
Love as always
Loraine x


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