Colour Your World

Hi friends
Colour Your World
With this profound knowledge that we are the creators of our reality, let’s get out there and have fun with this.
Choose to colour your world with the exact colour, or in this case vibration of your choice.
Forget about results and circumstances they don’t matter, for they are old news. Who needs results when your feeling this good, but when you do this the results show up anyway.
So today if you want to feel immense love and joy, get into that feeling place, if you want to feel like a genius behave and generate those vibratory thoughts, as you watch those sales, that book or passing of exam become real.
Make it your top priority like nothing else matters, because that is all that matters really, your state of being, control that and the world will literally be at your feet.
We create from the inside out, not the other way round, there are no random events, everything is created by you.
Don’t know about you but that makes me feel so gloriously powerful.
Have an awesome day
Lots of love
Loraine x


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