Cumulitive Strength

Hi friends
Cumulitive Strength
My normal form of exercise is cycling daily when I don’t work, and that’s suited me fine for years, but I’m wanting to get into shape for a forthcoming trip in October.
I joined the local gym where my son goes, coached a bit by him as he’s a super fit athlete, the results have been quite astounding.
I’ve only been four times and I’m getting stronger each time. First I went on the running machine and I struggled, I walked fast but now I’m running, which isn’t normally my favourite thing, but I’m now enjoying it, and feeling my strength increase.
This also happened when in went trekking to Everest Base Camp, my strength was cumulitive, meaning I was getting stronger by the day, it was accumulating.
And it’s exactly the same with mental strength, by repeatedly, deliberately thinking more positive thoughts we create the habit, and before we know it we are living very joyfully indeed.
So in other words just ‘show up’ meaning just do it and do it daily, those affirmations, visualisations and meditations, in fact anything that resonates with you to feel good.
It’s your choice. always has been always will be, and that’s how it should be for we create our own life, decide now to create cumulitive mental strength and live happily thereafter.
Have a fab day
Love as always
Loraine x


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