Dealing with Disappointment

Hi friends
Dealing with Disappointment
If you’re alive on this planet at some point it’s inevitable that you’ve had to deal with disappointment.
We have a fixed idea about how we think things should work out, we are sure that it’s the perfect job, the date we went on feels like a soulmate, the house doesn’t materialise, the gig was cancelled.
There’s two ways you can deal with it, you can feel like a victim, that the world is against you, that things never work out and whilst these are normal feelings, you can turn them around to be more productive.
You can see what happens as an opportunity for the universe to bring you something even better, for me that immediately feels quite exciting.
I’ve recently had a disappointment, and when I think that thought I get out of the victimhood mode and again begin to feel more powerful.
For we often don’t see the bigger picture, we think we know what’s best for us, but in hindsight you look back and thank God that didn’t happen, for I wouldn’t be where I am now.
Don’t get tied up in thoughts of I’ve done something wrong, not done my affirmations right or not visualised correctly.
If we treat disappointment as a lesson to grow more as a person and learn by the experience and know that it’s for our highest good, it puts a totally different perspective on the situation.
Just trust that life is unfolding exactly as it should be, and there is something bigger, better, grander more magnificent than you could ever imagine possible just round the corner, that’s exactly right for you where you are now, that’s in line with your authentic self.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x


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