Dr Wayne Dyer

Hi friends
Dr Wayne Dyer
One of my all time favourite teacher and mentor Wayne Dyer has passed away at the age of 75.
But I do not feel sad at this news, for Wayne Dyer did not fear death, in fact he was looking forward to the continuation of the adventure.
Wayne knows where he’s going, and in his own words, “there is no death, passing over to the other side is like taking off a worn out old jacket and replacing it with a new one”
For the soul lives on, we are eternal beings. Wayne Dyer has merely gone back to source energy where he came from.
Wayne’s teachings are centred around self reliance and forgiveness.
He started becoming self reliant at the age of 6 when he was in a foster home, a new little girl came to the home and was crying at being there, Wayne said to her “don’t be sad there are no parents here we can do what we like”
He learnt forgiveness in his mid thirties, up until then he was very angry and bitter about how his drunken father, who had been in prison and abandoned his family. He visited his fathers grave and decided to forgive him, and even thanked him for this lesson in life, Wayne then went on to teach forgiveness.
Wayne has written over 40 books, the greatest inspirational ones for me are, The Power of Intention and Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling.
So I thank you Wayne Dyer for being a huge part of my life, for your teachings that I know will continue, your kind words always touch me deeply when I need them most, and I send you love, joy and peace on your new continuing journey.
Love from
Loraine x


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