Engrossed in a Passion

Hi friends
Engrossed in a Passion
I’ve been a bit sporadic on here lately, forgive me, but I have been writing, just in a different direction.
I’ve been working on my book about Everest Base Camp Higher and Higher, and it’s been all consuming and I’m loving every minute of it.
I have written it out fully by hand first, then before I start writing I refer to the journal I wrote at the time, which I did every day, and now I’m typing it onto my computer. I’ve also written a long list of notes about “don’t forget to put this and that in” which includes stuff like the food, the interviews I did with all my comrades and small details that I want included.
Before I start my writing sessions, it also helps me to look at photos of the part that I’m writing about, for example I’m at present writing about my first glimpse of Everest, and chapter 6 is of that name.
This was a very exciting part of the adventure, and I want to get the story just right, so I have to get into the feeling place of it.
Imagination is a wonderful thing, and when I’m indulged in writing, either on here or for my book, it feels like I’m in another world, a world where I’m thrilled and excited, a world where nothing else exists except me, my passion and highest excitement.
This is how we should be living, not every now and then but every single day, and as I’m finding more and more, in every moment.
I have said it before and I will say it again, again and again, we are not here for a mediocre, boring, mundane, run of the mill life.
We are here to follow our bliss, indulge in our passion and highest excitement, live a life of outrageous joy, fun, thrills and adventure.
But in in order to do this you must be focused, diligent and purposeful, otherwise everyday circumstances, problems and events will take over.
Make your passion, excitement and good feelings your top priority, and watch as your life turns from ‘normal’ to magic.
Have a magical day
Love from
Loraine x


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