Treasured Memories

Hi friends
Treasured Memories
I was watching my son compete in the annual club athletics championships, it’s highly enjoyable and there’s nothing quite like feeling proud of a family member’s achievements.
But there is a lot of waiting around in between events, so I was on my phone looking at posts on a group I had only recently joined called, We Love Hitchin. On there was a comment “there are 3000 members in this group, but hardly any posts”, I replied “ok we can soon change that” so I started racking my brains about what I could post on there.
I came up with the idea about putting pictures and comments on about my tour company, called Tour Ye Olde English Villages, wherein I will take foreign people around the beautiful quaint English villages of Hitchin, of which there are many.
Well the posts have ignited such passion, joy, old folk lore tales and treasured memories, such as – the
ambi theatre in Wain Wood where John Bunyan, the author of the classic book Pilgrims Progress used to preach back in the 16th century. The giant Jack O Legs who is buried at Weston. People telling stories about when they used to live in the villages.
I didn’t realise it would ignite such interest and especially people reliving their childhood, and telling stories of treasured memories of happy days in the villages.
Some say “don’t live in the past” but when thinking or talking about happy treasured memories, you’re doing it in the now, and as I’ve said many times that it’s the feel good factor that we’re looking for.
So those treasured memories are giving us feelings of warmth, passion, joy, happiness and love, and this can only be of great benefit to us.
Have a lovely day
Love as always
Loraine x


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