Act on Implse

Hi friends
Act on Impulse
I was away at the weekend with friends at Hemsby on a Fitness Fiesta. I have been many times before and it’s always great fun, fitness classes in the day and partying at night.
There is always a fancy dress theme, and Saturday nights one was wear something beginning with F, I was to be a film star, Audrey Hepburn, Kathy was a fairy, Jean Marc was a Frenchman, which he is and Lucy was a fox.
In the afternoon of the Saturday I decided to go to my mental gym, it was a beautiful sunny day and I laid on the grass and listened to Benhinto Masssaro talk on Die before you die, self love, and his challenge at the end was to go 48 hours with feelings of bliss joy and ease, I decided to do it and the next 24 hours brought some epic memorable moments.
So I embraced that wonderful feeling of ease and joy as I was getting ready, and was on a high and looking forward to the night ahead.
I got dressed as Audrey and we made our way to the hall where there’s a disco and a live band. I was feeling very spontaneous and up for fun and my friends were feeling this way too.
There were many people in good fancy dress beginning with F, there was flight attendants, frogs, fairies, forensics and what caught my eye was a group of girls as flamenco dancers, they looked amazing.
I had this sudden impulse to do some flamenco dancing and so I just dived into the middle of them and did it. it was an act of impulse that paid off big time, I was stamping my feet, arms in the air like a real flamenco dancer, everyone was laughing. One of the girls suggested we change dresses, and I swear she would have done it there and then on the dance floor, but we went in the loo to do it.
I came out and danced amongst the other flamenco dancers and did five minutes of flamenco dancing, it felt like pure bliss, everyone was clapping and enjoying the show. Kathy took some pictures.
I know that 5 minutes of magic came from setting the intention from Benhintos challenge that afternoon.
From then on the evening just flowed into more ecstasy and carried on over the next 24 hours.
It’s made me realise more than ever, when you tune in to your own alignment and act spontaneously magic happens all over the place.
Benhinto encourages feeling like this all the time, and when you don’t be grateful that you’re aware of it.
I’m certainly taking on board his teachings more than ever, I love the feeling of bliss wherever I go, I highly recommend it.
Have a marvellous day
Lots of love as always
Loraine x


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