Hold Back and View the Bigger Picture

Hi friends
Hold Back and View the Bigger Picture
On the Sunday being the second day of the charity cycle, we started pedalling along the track, and we were soon joined by many runners.
We weaved in and out of them, this was quite awkward and they were coming from both directions.
Marilyn said “let’s try and get ahead of them” which we attempted to do, but I said “let’s stop, we are exhausting ourselves” and if we did get ahead we would have to rush to stay ahead, it felt like too much pressure.
We sat and had a break and watched them run past, we were egging them on, saying “come on you can do it”
There were men and women of all ages and capabilities, there was a man with a suit, bowler hat and stick, another with the full army outfit and the matching heavy back pack. Some were stopping to drink water, puffing and panting.
It was fun to watch, and felt like the right thing to do, and Marilyn agreed. Eventually they all went past and we were on our way again.
I thought whilst riding along it’s a bit like life really, using the analogy of the runners and us cycling to avoid them.
We often rush along in life, barely taking the time to sit down and analyse it all, getting stressed in the process, and allowing the circumstances to rule us instead of the other way round.
Whereas, if we stop take the time to analyse our life more closely, and view the bigger picture, like from the top of a mountain, from a calm relaxed perspective, we can see more clearly and life takes on a new meaning and purpose.
So slow down, relax and stay calm and you will find the clarity you seek, and in so doing see the bigger picture.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x


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