The Anniversary of a Magical Co-operative Component

Hi friends
The Anniversary of a Magical Co-operative Component
Today is the one year anniversary of a meeting that’s changed my life in an amazing way.
I was on The Vortex of Attraction Abraham-Hicks Canary Island cruise last year.
On the 27th September 2014 a group of 8 of us were planning to get taxis to take us around the island of Tenerife. We struck a fantastic deal with a couple of local taxi drivers that took us all over the island for a reasonable price.
I was sitting in the back with Jo my new Canadian friend, whose company I was enjoying, and had only met days previously. On the other side of me was a lady called Sally who I didn’t know at all.
We were all sitting in the back seat happily chatting and looking forward to our day out in Tenerife. I happened to mention to Sally that I had written a book and now needed an editor to help me get it together.
I explained that my daughters were trying to help me but it wasn’t working out as they were so busy. Sally said, “I’m an editor and I can help you”
and that was the beginning of an amazing journey.
For Sally Sutton and I have been working on my book for a year now, and it’s finally finished and about to go on Amazon kindle as we speak, and it’s called Living With A Positive Attitude, and is the timeless edited version of my first 100 blogs on here.
It’s been an absolute journey of self discovery, I think for both of us, Sally has gone through my writing like a fine tooth comb, pointing out parts where I haven’t explained it properly, suggesting that I describe a process in a different way, telling me that what I’ve said doesn’t sound right, formatting and editing it to perfection.
When writing it’s easy to miss out things and not put it in the correct way, and Sally has been my guiding light throughout.
And finally to go even more beyond the call of duty, she’s spent weeks putting the ebook onto kindle, even though she’s never done it before, to which I’m eternally grateful as I know I would never have been able to do it myself.
So Sally, thank you very much for all you’ve done, I feel honoured to have met you and I now have a book that I’m proud of.
Love from Loraine x


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