My Book on Amazon

Hi friends
My Book on Amazon
My first book of this groups name Living With A Positive Attitude, is now on Amazon and the feelings of immense satisfaction and gratitude is profound.
There are many reasons for this, firstly when I started writing on here nearly two years ago I did not anticipate how much I would enjoy writing, and it has literally grown from there.
My writings are totally from inspiration and that is how it must be, I often do not plan what I’m going to write about, although sometimes the day before I will have an idea and let that idea fester over a 24 hour period. Yes my stories must come straight from the heart or I will not write.
The book is the first 100 posts that I wrote on here, and yes if you wanted to you could go back and read them from here, but that would take time and effort and we want a life of ease and bliss. Besides, the stories and lessons in the book have been edited and made timeless, the processes have been made clearer for people to understand, this is due to my excellent editor Sally Sutton who has been a godsend helping me put it all together, this would not have happened without her.
Last but not least, you my dear readers who take the time out of your day to read what I write about, where would I be without you all, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am eternally grateful for your interest.
So my feelings of immense satisfaction and gratitude are a mixture of elements, but one thing is for sure when you start following this road to bliss, there is no turning back, because it just gets better, better and better.
Have a wonderful day my loyal and lovely readers.
Love from Loraine x


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