Repeat What Works

Hi friends
Repeat What Works
Today I’m off on a big adventure that I booked a year ago.
It’s called The Vortex of Attraction South Pacific Cruise, it’s an Abraham Hicks cruise to Fiji, which are a group of Islands off Australia.
Then afterwards I’m trekking and exploring New Zealand with a Canadian friend.
So although my escapades are to different places, there are certain things that I do that are the same every time, whether it be Everest Base Camp, Australia New Zealand or Bognor, and why do I do them? because they work.
Firstly, I’ve spent a year visualising, dreaming, anticipating the trip, therefore getting into the right vibrational excited anticipation, this invariably leads to an epic experience.
I’ve set my three intentions, which are always the same and in abbreviation it’s called SOW –
Safety – I always feel safe wherever I go, because I feel I have my guardian angel Arch Angel Michael with me at all times, I’ve got an angel wings necklace and bracelet, I will also wear a St. Christopher necklace, but not only to feel safe for the flight but during the whole adventure.
Organised – it’s always very important for me to feel organised, because when you do you have the optimum experience, your not wasting your time looking for stuff. I know where everything is, and in my hand luggage is my colourful bags with labels on.
Well-Being – I now almost don’t have to think about this, I will enjoy health and well being throughout the trip, I’m intending to go to the gym and walk round the deck, and swim, oh and do qigong with Day Acheson daily. Becoming ill whilst away can ruin a trip. Whilst in EBC I did experience some minor ailments but nothing major and that is what will happen on this trip.
I’ve pre-paved for a month prior to this trip, scripting, doing focus wheels, positive momentum adding. All processes to get me in the cruise mood.
So the message today is, do what works and continue to do it, whether it be a certain way of talking to that special person, using another route to work so as to miss the traffic or cooking that special recipe that always comes out well.
Identify what works and resonates with you, plan your epic life ahead of time, don’t waste it with trivia that doesn’t matter.
Make your priority to feel good and live with ease, joy, empowerment and positivity.
In the meantime I’ve got loads of adventure and fun planned, such as surfing, cycling, trekking, zip line over a jungle rain forest, bushwhacking, kayaking and snorkelling, so will be coming back with loads of awesome stories.
Lots of love, speak in a month, if not before if I get wi-fi.
Love as always
Loraine x


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