Why Are We Here

Hi friends
Why Are We Here?
The answer to that question is a resounding – for the life experience, to expand, learn, grow and evolve as a human being, to gain wisdom and feel good in every moment, to have an epic life.
Whilst material objects like a nice house, car, iphone, stereo system are good and comfortable to have, and temporarily make you happy, the joy in these things is short lived.
Whereas, when you cultivate and radiate the joyous, empowering life of your dreams filled with fun, adventure, love, laughter and fulfilment you make your mark on the world, you vibrate it to others and show them that they too can create this for themselves, yes you become an example.
When contemplating anything, ask yourself the question – will this experience bring me joy and happiness, will it make me feel good, am I following my highest excitement? If the answer is yes, go for it in a big way, but invariably you won’t need to ask yourself the question because you can feel it deep within you.
Whilst contemplating excursions on a cruise I’m soon to go on, there were many to choose from, and I asked myself those very questions, what makes me feel the most excited? what trip or adventure will extract the best experience? I envisioned what the adventure would be like and felt it within me even before I experienced it, that way I know I’m on the right path.
Yes the experience is what life is about whilst we are here, and also what we leave behind when we transcend into non-physical.
Create the best life experience as possible by following your emotional guidance system, and know that’s why you’re here and are absolutely worthy and deserving of it.
Have a great day
Love as always
Loraine x


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