Noticing Remarkable People

Hi friends
Noticing Remarkable People
Whilst flying from Heathrow to Australia I had a seat in the middle section of the plane, I was sitting opposite across the aisle to an elderly Chinese couple.
The Chinese lady asked, not in words but in gestures as she didn’t speak English, if I would swap seats with her daughter who was sitting behind me with an adorable baby of about 18 months. I said “yes of course”. This was presumably to help her daughter look after the baby.
I spent the entire journey in a state of amazement as the mother and daughter interacted with each other to look after the baby, who was walking and quite lively, but very good.
She attended to the baby’s every need rocking and making her laugh, in a cheerful loving manner. She then got up out of her seat to help her disabled husband who obviously had had a stroke, go to the toilet, again cheerful and happy.
You may be thinking, so what she’s doing is out of love for her family, but it was the manner in which she spent the entire journey looking after everybody’s needs in such an uplifting, supportive cheerful manner, she inspired me.
Caring givers are everywhere I know, I see them all the time as a nurse, I also have friends who give their love and care freely without complaining, but being in that situation where I had no option but to observe because they were right in front of me left me feeling deeply respectful, humbled and appreciative.
So today notice those remarkable people who give and serve, from a place deep in their heart, they will leave you feeling awestruck and humbled too.
Have a fab day
Love as always
Loraine x


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