Living On The Edge

Hi friends
Living On The Edge
My Canadian friend Jo and I had planned to go touring around New Zealand after the Fiji cruise a year before.
When we had disembarked from the cruise ship, we went straight to Sydney airport to get a flight to New Zealand. I was very excited as this was the highlight of the trip for me.
We arrived at the airport, which is a big airport and very busy. I asked at a help desk the best way to get a flight to New Zealand today, she suggested the Flight Centre.
We felt inspired to ask at a few airline desks for flights that day, but with no luck.
We went to the Flight Centre, and told the young woman our requirements, she spent quite a while looking at the computer for availability. She told us that you must buy a return flight to New Zealand, as they like to make sure you’re not going to stay too long, and if you are they want to know your purpose and all the details. It would seem they are very protective of their country.
She came up with a flight that leaves in an hour, we said we will take it. She spent the next 20 minutes finalising arrangements, we thanked her and were on our way, leaving us 40 minutes to catch the plane.
I knew instinctively that we would need to get a spurt on. We started walking very fast, then running. There was no way we were going to catch this plane if we waited in all the queues.
So politely and nicely, we weaved in and out of loads of people saying “excuse me, excuse me, our flight leaves in half hour”.
We got to security and I summoned the guy in charge and said “our flight leaves in half hour” he rushed us through the quickest route.
We only had a couple of pieces of hand luggage, a rucksack each, I had a small wheely case, Jo had a hold-all, for part of the way I put her hold-all on top of my wheely case.
We were still a long way from boarding the plane we had more checks to go through, so still running and weaving in and out of people and being lovingly assertive.
One check we went through the woman said “you should have got here earlier” Jo said “we only booked it half hour ago”.
We caught the bus to the plane with a sigh of relief, Jo said “you’re very assertive Loraine, I will learn from that”
We boarded the plane feeling grateful and relieved, I knew there and then after the dramatic adrenaline rush beginning to our journey that we were going to have an epic adventure.
Have a wonderful day.
Love from
Loraine x


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