Mixing With The Backpackers and Surfers on Bondi Beach

Hi friends
Mixing With The Backpackers and Surfers on Bondi Beach
I booked my two night stay at Noah’s Backpackers in Sydney prior to going, as I had two days to spare before the Fiji cruise.
My daughter had recommended it, as she had stayed there a couple of years previous when she had gone campervanning around Australia.
Yes I could have booked into a posh hotel on Sydney Harbour, but I wanted the experience of meeting these adventurous backpackers, the thought excited me.
I arrived in Sydney after a 24 hour flight and got the shuttle to Noah’s Backpackers.
On arrival I was given a key card and told I had a lock up locker too, I was a bit apprehensive, but kept an open mind. I was to share with five others of mixed sex.
When I opened the door of the dormitory it was dark, even though it was day time. There was a girl sleeping on the bottom bunk. The whole floor area was an array of cases and clothes, and my first thoughts were, what have I let myself in for, the pictures on the website didn’t look like that.
I pulled myself together and sorted my top bunk out, leaving my big case on the floor and my holdall I put in the top bunk with me with my essentials.
I decided to have a wander around, first I went to the roof garden where Bondi Beach could be seen in the distance, it was quite an amazing sight and I couldn’t believe I was here in this iconic area of the world.
A few of the residents were cooking in the kitchen, I said hi and exchanged a few pleasantries.
I went down to Bondi beach it was a warm sunny day, I saw in the distance the surfers riding the huge waves, I was filled with excitement, passion and adventure as it was something I wanted to do.
I walked along the white sandy beach, I paddled in the sea but the crashing waves could pull you in they were so strong, so I just kept to the edge.
I walked along the whole length of Bondi Beach, I was in a state of awe and so grateful that I had finally arrived.
I went into a surf school to enquire about lessons, the young girl told me all about it saying the lessons were 95 dollars which was about £50 I decided I was going to do it, but not sure when.
I texted my friend Dervisha who was staying at the harbour, she was an Abraham follower who was going on the cruise, she arrived on the beach and we had a coffee, we chatted non stop as we were extremely excited.
Over the course of the two days I got to know my fellow residents in the dormitory, they were very nice.
There was a young man in his early 20s from England called Liam on the top bunk who was in Australia working and travelling and had just got a job at a call centre, he was very friendly and enquired about what I was doing in Oz.
Under his bunk was Hannah another English girl who had only been in Sydney a month and was travelling around and still in the holiday mode, she was friendly with an Irish girl called Rhianne whose bunk was opposite hers, but she shared with her boyfriend who was from the Netherlands, he worked, they slept together leaving her top bunk free, which was extremely tidy with all her belongings, I was well impressed, Rhianne was in Australia for a year, but not working yet.
In the bunk underneath me was a girl from Australia who was working and had been living in the hostel for a few months as it was cheap.
I got on very well with them all and had long conversations with Hannah and Rhianne, I told them about my book.
The hostel had many rules as you would expect, they were asked to keep the noise down after 10pm so it was very quiet at night. No alcohol was allowed on the premises and no visitors.
It was very well run and everyone was very friendly and respectful.
I was very grateful for my experience in the backpackers hostel, which I will never forget, meeting youngsters who were following their dream, getting out there in the world and making it happen, after all that’s what it’s all about.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x


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