What Are You Broadcasting

Hi friends
What Are You Broadcasting?
Whilst at sea on the cruise 800 of us would attend Abraham Hicks seminars, and they would last 4 hours.
Abraham Hicks is Esther Hicks interpreting Universe Intelligence or source energy, and to my mind the best inspirational teachers on the planet.
The theatre where the seminars were held prior to Abraham coming on were electric, everyone standing, clapping, dancing where they stood and waiting in excited anticipation.
When Abraham came on everyone would clap and cheer frantically, it was a highly uplifting, empowering vibrational experience.
Abraham, on each cruise would have a main message, and you need to be there to understand it fully.
On the Canary Island cruise the message was – It’s all right or alright, on the Fiji cruise it was – What are you broadcasting? In other words what vibration are you giving out.
For example you may think you have a good relationship around money and abundance, but if you spend all day worrying about money or saying to people that you’re broke, that message that you’re broadcasting will bring you more of the same.
For it’s easy to stay stuck in patterns that we’ve had for years, often relating to lack of self worth, relationships and health, and when you become aware of the vibration that you’re broadcasting and change it, it’s only then that things can change.
So during the cruise Abers would be saying to each other, “What are you broadcasting”. Even in New Zealand Jo and I would say that to each other, because often we are unaware of it.
In fact Abraham gave us that topic for our homework, to be aware of what your broadcasting.
So today, What Are You Broadcasting?
Have a great day
Love from Loraine x


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