Yanuca Island

Hi friends
Yanuca Island
I booked 3 excursions before the cruise and chose them on the basis of what felt the most exciting, adventurous and different.
The first excursion was a cycling trip around Noumea, which was good but was only 2 hours long.
The second excursion was on the Island of Lautoka and it was to zip line over 5 levels. Our guide was Mr Cool and he was very funny. We travelled on the coach for quite a while to get to the zip line centre. First we trekked to a beautiful waterfall, I had my bikini on and immediately plunged in, it was refreshing and not too cold.
The zip line itself was quite good, but not as thrilling as I expected.
The last excursion was to Yanuca Island (pronounced Yanutha) on the Island of Suva. I was particularly looking forward to it. I had visualised what it would be like and I prepaved the experience, so I knew this was was going to be an epic adventure.
We travelled by coach for an hour through the lush and tropical island of Suva, I loved to see what the Islands were like and witness the locals going about their every day life, they would wave as we travelled past.
Suva was very green with every variety of tropical plants you could imagine, palm trees, fern, coconut trees. Everywhere I looked it was dark, green, green and more green, the reason for this was that Suva has lots of rain.
We arrived at the port to take us to Yanuca Island, Eddie was our captain, he was very friendly and informative. Whilst sailing along he showed us the island where Tom Hanks filmed castaway, there was a very small island in the distance called Bird Island. The area looked beautiful and tropical.
We arrived at Yanuca Island and as expected it was a typical desert island, white sandy beach, aqua clear sea, lush vegetation.
We were greeted by the locals who helped anchor the boat.
Eddie told us that first we were to do a bit of trekking up a steep small cliff type mountain, this thrilled me.
I had my trainers on and was rearing to go. The mountain was fairly easy to climb up, there was even a couple doing it with a toddler, the locals helped to carry him. A young girl had flip flops on and had to turn back.
We came to a steep area and we had to pull ourselves up by a rope with knots in, it was fairly easy but some people struggled.
When we got to the top the views were magnificent. the changing colours of the tourquoise sea, the white sandy beach, absolutely stunning. We. Headed back down which was a bit tricky at times, but I loved it.
The next adventure was snorkelling, the sea was very clear I had flippers on. I didn’t see many fish at first, but loved to look at the coral.
As I was snorkelling a young local boy called Sticks was kayaking nearby, I asked him if I could have a go he said “yes, but first I can row along and you can hold onto the handle at the back and snorkel at the same time”, I said “great, thank you”
I held onto the handle at the back and I saw loads of fish and Coral, and at one point the sharp dangerous coral was an inch away from my stomach.
I then had a go at kayaking , at first Sticks sat behind me, but was able to do it alone after that. It felt good to kayak in the sea, the current was quite strong and I had to push the oar against the coral to stay straight. I thanked Sticks and his friend Charlie for taking photographs. I was an amazing experience.
It was time for lunch, the spread was delicious, it was from the Island and was lavish and tasty and as we ate the locals sang and played instruments, it was beautiful.
I bought some jewellery from the local ladies sitting a few yards away, I chatted to then for a while, they appeared very happy, relaxed and at peace.
My experience on the tropical island of Yanuca came to an end. It was an epic experience that I will never forget.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x



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