18 Till I Die

Hi friends
18 Till I Die
The road from Te Anau to Wanaka was nothing short of spectacular, at every turn there was a magnificent scene.
Jo and I would be driving along the New Zealand highway towards the Crown Range, and we could see why they were called that, the views were abound in their crowning glory and we felt like Kings of the Road.
We would be listening to a Bryan Adams cd that Jo had brought, and there was one particular song that became the signature tune of the trip, and that was 18 Till I Die.
We were in such a high vibration and singing at the top of our voices, and when the climax of the song came on we would bang our hand on the dash board, it was great fun and we couldn’t stop laughing.
The song with the loud momentum of the drum beats, the concept behind it, the astounding landscape, were an intoxicating mix of euphoria.
When we stopped at a lay-by to take photos we would get out of the car and dance, cars would beep and we would wave, it was certainly a magical day.
We would listen to the song every day of the trip, and repeat the hand banging on the dash board and laugh raucously, and it would take us right there to that upbeat high vibrational state.
We arrived in Wanaka in such high spirits after an amazing day, that we knew the miracles would continue.
Have a miraculous day
Love as always
Loraine X


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