Magical Manifesting in New Zealand


Hi friends
Magical Manifesting in New Zealand
My Canadian friend Jo and I are students of the teachings of Abraham.
Whilst in New Zealand we were on the heels of an Abraham Hicks Vortex of Attraction Fiji cruise, and we had had the trip planned for a year.
We knew how creation works, we knew the laws of the universe, we were masters of our vibration, and we knew that we would allow rather than make our experience happen, and we were going to have lots of fun with how creation works.
We had intentions of being inspired by people’s creativity, the beautiful scenery, having lots of fun, and visualising the type of accommodation that we wanted.
We set off from Te Anau in excited anticipation, the scenery was so stunning I kept wanting to stop, and we did regularly to take pictures and appreciate the scenery.
I felt the impulse to stop where the scene on the right was green lush and mountainous, once the car was stationary we looked to our left and a group of sheep were staring right at us, it took us aback and made us laugh, because they just stare, as if saying “oh yeah what do you want” it was very funny.
We continued on down the road and decided to stop for a break, we went into a lay by that was set back behind an area of grass, there was a woman with a car and a generator, we approached her and it was s coffee van. The car was a Morris Minor, an old English car going back to the 70s, Jo didn’t recognise it but I did. She sold all types off coffee from the back of the van.
We got chatting to Anne about her unique business, we thought it was a brilliant idea. She told us that she lived nearby and did the Morris Cafe as a hobby, as all her children had now left home, she felt it was good to be out in the open and meet new people.
We applauded Anne’s creativity we had a coffee and bid her farewell.
Whilst driving the Toyota RAV4 I said to Jo “when I get home I’m going to get a Ravy Red RAV4, it will be good for my new business of touring villages” Jo said “great then ask for it,”which I did. When we arrived in Wanaka there in the car park was a red RAV4 with the number plate 555, which in angel numbers, which Jo is into, meaning – Huge changes and keep thoughts positive and centred. We were gobsmacked, the universe had sent us this car within 2 hours of asking, I knew it wasn’t mine yet, but it was inevitable.
Whilst on the journey I told Jo that today 5th November was the anniversary of my dad passing 7 years ago, she suggested that I ask my dad for exactly the accommodation that we wanted.
When we arrived at Wanaka, I said “dad find us a motel”, within minutes I looked to the left and there it was, The Bella Vista Motel, Baby Bella was also the name we had given our car, after Jo’s car Bella in Canada which is a 4 wheel drive. this was becoming the norm now, I thanked dad, we smiled and booked into a great apartment, that was exactly to our liking.
We marvelled at our day of magnificent manifestations, but as always it wasn’t necessarily about them coming into fruition, but more about the feeling place and the joyous journey and feel good factor to them, in other words it’s always about the journey and not the destination.
Have a marvellous day
Lots of love
Loraine X


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