Inspirational People – Georgina Cwikel

Hi friends
Inspirational People
Georgina Cwikel
Georgina is Australian and lives in Sydney, and I met her on the second day of the Fiji island cruise in the gym.
We hit it off immediately and spent a lot of time on the ship having fun at Johnny’s bar watching him mix the cocktails, throw them in the air and make everyone laugh, we raucously danced by the pool wetting our feet in the fountains that sprouted up out of the dance floor.
But as the days passed I was to find out so much more about Georgie, and came to the realisation of what an amazing woman she is.
By trade she is a hairdresser, she went over to Bali and bought loads of beautiful furniture with the intention of opening a hairdressing salon, only to return and come to the conclusion that she no longer wanted to do hairdressing.
Georgie felt inspired to open a cafe, even though she had no experience whatsoever, five years on she has a thriving cafe called The Unwriitten Book cafe in a suburb of Sydney called Ryde, with a staff of 10, whom she’s handpicked and are as passionate of the cafe as she is.
She has a top chef who cooks delicious food, and in her own words says “I don’t know why he would want to come and work at a small little cafe like mine”. The chances are, and I don’t think I’m far wrong, all of Georgie’s staff must love working for her because of her passion, drive, enthusiasm and love.
Georgie researches food to have as recipes on her menu, and describes with such enthusiasm and passion about how much she loves to do that, and that for sure is her purpose.
Also there are plans for the cafe to be extended, and the business thriving even further.
Georgie was fortunate enough to get into the hot seat to speak to Abraham on the cruise, and asked questions about her business, Abraham gave a really good answer.
After the New Zealand road trip I had another five days in Sydney and was delighted to spend that time in Georgie’s beautiful home.
Whilst there I climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge and surfed on Manly beach, but the highlight was spending time with Georgie and her lovely family. She’s got 3 children Leah who is 24, Jack 21 and Hugo who is 12, and Georgie has done a great job bringing her children up on her own after her divorce.
The boys are musical, Jack plays the guitar and Hugo plays the drums, and they play music together and have plans to travel when Hugo is older. Leah is a very talented writer. Georgie has taught her children to follow their passion and they are so friendly, well mannered and loving they are a credit to her.
Myles an employee also lives with them and of an evening Georgie and Myles would cook the meal and Jack and Hugo would wash up, such great organisation impressed me.
I could feel the love in that house as I could in the cafe, which I visited on a number of occasions. The first day I went to the cafe, there was a woman crying and Myles was hugging her, I thought wow this isn’t just a cafe it’s where people come to have quality time and they can feel the love and amazing atmosphere.
Yes Georgie, you are a very inspirational woman and I can feel you thriving in all areas of your life, long may our friendship continue even though we are many miles apart.
Love you lots
Have an amazing day
Love as always
Loraine X


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