Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Lake Wanaka

cropped-cropped-601.jpgHi friends
Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Lake Wanaka
I had a desire to do stand up paddle boarding from the summer, I had seen people do it on Rutland Water when Marilyn and I did our charity cycle around it.
So when we arrived at the beautiful town of Wanaka in New Zealand, and saw people on the lake doing it, I knew there and then that I would have a go, but decided to do it the following morning.
It was very quiet at 9 in the morning and Lake Wanaka was like a mill pond, the van that supplied the paddle boards hadn’t arrived and I thought they weren’t coming, so I decided to have a swim in the lake, it was very cold, but no sooner had I got in than they turned up.
I was relishing the thought of the experience, I had visions of it being quite easy.
Danielle gave me instructions on how to do stand up paddle boarding, I asked is it ok to go as far as I liked, she said yes.
I put the paddle board in the lake and laid flat down on it and paddled with my arms until I was out of my depth.
The time was right to stand up on the board, I was in the middle and knelt on it, and then stood up, and was very pleased that I managed to do it immediately. It was a case of being in the middle of the board and balancing.
To use the oar I was instructed, if when going straight the oar is put into the water upright, and if you wanted to turn, guide the oar at an angle, again I managed this with ease.
My legs were quite tense, I decided it would be easier if I relaxed them a bit by bending at the knees.
Before I knew it I was stand up paddle boarding on this wonderful lake, with the snow capped mountain in front of me, just gliding along, I was the only person on the lake.
It felt like heaven on earth, it felt like bliss, it felt like I was fully connected to the universe, just me, my paddle board, oar and water, just gliding through the elements amongst the magnificent landscape.
I headed towards some boats to the right of the lake, and it felt like I had paddled the full length of it, but had gone a bit more than half way. The water must have been deep but I didn’t think about that.
I decided to turn round and head back, using the angled manoeuvre of the oar to turn the board, it felt like I was a long way from the shore, but it didn’t take long to get back.
My hour was up and I took the paddle board back. I chatted to Danielle, she said she was planning to do yoga stand up paddle boarding, where the board is anchored to the bottom in some exotic country, I told her to go for it, as life is about following your passion. I took a picture of her by the van doing a yoga pose.
Yes, my amazing experience of stand up paddle boarding will be one of those blissful memories that I will remember forever.
Have a great day
Love as always
Loraine X


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