The Driftwood of Hokitika

Hi friends
The Driftwood of Hokitika
From Wanaka we travelled up the west coast of the New Zealand South Island.
We arrived at a town called Hokitika. Apart from a few tourists it seemed to be deserted.
We were to find out later that not many people live in this area of New Zealand because it rains so much, but it’s more busy in the peak period of the summer.
There was an ornate arched clock in the centre of the road, but apart from that, there was not much about this sleepy little town of Hokitika.
When we arrived there was an ornate building on the corner of the street, which we decided to enquire about accommodation.
As we walked in everybody stared at us, there were loads of men playing pool, on enquiry there weren’t any rooms but they told us where we would get sorted, which we did very soon after.
I said to Jo “Hokitika is like an old western ghost town, the streets being empty looked like there would be a dual at dawn”
In the morning we decided to explore Hokitika a bit more, there was a sign to the beach, as I love beaches we walked towards it.
We couldn’t believe our eyes, The beach was beautiful, dramatic, barren, wild, dark sand, frothy white waves from the grey uninviting sea and light coloured driftwood scattered around, this was the gem we were looking for.
Jo loved all the different sizes and shapes of all the driftwood, it reminded her of her childhood when she would go to the beach with her sisters in Canada and go driftwood hunting. I took several pictures of Jo with the driftwood and she was re-enacting beckoning her sisters, saying “come, let’s go driftwood hunting”
Jo’s creative juices were flowing and she was visualising the various uses of the driftwood, and saying she would make a coat hanger out of this piece, put a piece of glass over that and make a coffee table, or just an ornament, out of that one.
I really appreciated watching Jo being in her element and using her imagination to bring her to a state of bliss., not only to be creative but to resurrect childhood memories.
There was a piece of driftwood that looked like a crocodile and I had a picture taken with me standing on it, looking out to the cold, choppy, dark grey sea.
I loved exploring and finding this wild, untouched, rugged barren beach, being in the moment and fully appreciating this part of Hokitika, it was what this adventure was all about.
Have a wild and wonderful day.
Love from Loraine x


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