The Royalties on my Book

Hi friends
The Royalties On My Book
I had an email from Amazon a few days ago that said in the next couple of days royalties of my book will be paid into my account.
I cannot describe how exciting, fulfilling and satisfying this made me feel. I don’t know how much it is and I don’t care, all I know is that it feels like a dream come true.
For to write, inspire and uplift I know is my true purpose in life, and to think for one moment that I can create an income from it fills me with a feeling of great possibility and invincibility.
So today, think hard and deep, what in life excites you, feels like bliss, creates enthusiasm and joy, when you can identify this life takes on a new meaning, and magic will be around every corner, well worth the effort I think.
Have an awesome day
Lots of love
Loraine X


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