The Vortex Sky

Hi friends
The Vortex Sky
Whilst travelling on the interisland ferry from Picton of the South Island of New Zealand to the north island port of Wellington, something quite remarkable happened.
I was feeling in very good spirits on the ferry, it was another chapter of our adventure and I was relishing what lay ahead on the north island of New Zealand.
We had already had an epic co-creative manifestational journey in the South Island and I was expecting more of the same.
The journey was 3 hours long, I went to the front deck of the ferry, Jo came out for a short while but went back in again.
It was very windy but I didn’t care, I spent almost all of the trip there.
The scenery either side was beautiful with grassy mountains. I was in the vortex for sure, enjoying every second of the experience.
It was an accumulation of the actual trip, the journey we had been on and what lay ahead. This feeling of ecstasy felt like magic.
When later I looked at the pictures of me on the ferry, I was taken aback at the swirling vortex skies, for they replicated my emotions at the time, and I have no doubt that this is what it was.
For it is my belief that we do affect the environment around us by the vibration we are giving off, and as Abraham says-
One who is in alignment is more powerful than a million who are not.
So today feel your power, and watch how all around you will converge to your song.
Have a great day
Love as always
Loraine X


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