Rejoice in 2015

Hi friends
Rejoice in 2015
When you look back over the last year, what are your thoughts?
Most likely there’s been what we call the good and not so good experiences, but if we look at it all in a different light, we get a new better perspective on 2015.
We can look at it from the viewpoint that there are no mistakes only lessons to be learnt. In this way we can soothe ourselves instead of criticising or judging ourselves, we can be kinder on ourselves and then we can be kinder to others.
I was riding my bike yesterday going over something that had happened recently, feeling embarrassed about the situation, feeling like I had made a fool of myself, but I turned it around and said, in that moment I was being authentic to myself and there’s no need to feel this way, this was the lesson I learnt from that situation. Always be on your own side and back yourself up.
With this mindset we can enter into 2016 feeling positive and great about ourselves, and look forward to the year ahead with power and positivity
Have a fabulous New Years Eve
Lots of love
Loraine X


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