Act as If

Hi friends
Act as If
In order to be a match to our desires we must behave, imagine and act as if it’s already in our experience.
For the universe doesn’t know whether the story you’re telling is true or not it just responds to it.
For example if you want more money, but keep saying I’m broke, I can’t wait for next pay day and generally feeling the lack of money, guess what? You will be sent more of the same.
Whereas if you go through your day feeling generally abundant, telling yourself stories of how things always work out and life is truly abundant, your point of attraction will change, and what you want will begin to find its way to you.
Abraham advises if you’re looking for a soulmate pretend he or she is already in your experience, like sleep one side of the bed and imagine him/her next to you, put pillows under the bed clothes, or on the way home from work visualise him/her having cooked you a lovely meal.
My book Living With a Positive Attitude I already behave like its a best seller, I tell new people that I meet I’m an author, that I have an editor, a graphic designer and photographer,I give them my card. I tell my grandson to say to people “my nana’s an author”
and I’m loving what’s coming to me on the heels of my fabricated story, but I’ve been telling this story ever since October 2015 it’s now engrained in me and I do believe it.
We are very powerful, and once we tap into this amazing universal energy, miracles will follow wherever you go.
Have a miraculous day.
Lots of love
Loraine X


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