Constantly Plant New Seeds

Hi friends
Constantly Plant New Seeds
A way in which to feel good and stay on your path all the time is to continually plant new seeds.
In other words be in a state of planning your future, this should feel good to you. Write down, imagine, think, plan anything that feels exciting, thrilling, adventurous, joyous, empowering.
It could be anything from planning a holiday, exciting progression of your amazing career, wonderful experiences with your partner, creating an epic garden, in fact anything that floats your boat.
The key is it’s got to feel good, if it doesn’t you’re going down the wrong path.
Thoughts and feelings of what went wrong, feeling bad about yourself, regretting, not forgiving are a complete waste of time you know it’s not true or right by the way it feels, and going over it just creates more of the same. Make peace with it, accept it, forgive yourself and move on.
A friend and I were driving along in her car and discussing what we were planning for 2016, I was telling her about all the epic adventures I was planning not going into too much detail, but just feeling excited and looking forward to it, and she could feel my enthusiasm. She went on to tell me that she wanted to go to the theatre more, she’s doing courses to enhance her career.
We were both lost in future presence, and in the process creating the life of our dreams.
Live wild, live free, plant those amazing seeds, but don’t wait for them to germinate, you know like a real seed they will just sprout and it’s the same with your seed, just know it will happen.
In the meantime feel as good as you can in every moment, and create that fertile soil for your seeds to grow.
Have an epic day
Lots of love
Loraine X


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