Expectation is Everything

Hi friends
Expectation is Everything
When you have a desire and you do not believe it’s going to happen, meaning your belief and desire are not matched up, it’s unlikely that your desire will manifest.
If you think about how doubt feels, and how expectation feels you will know by your emotions which one is in line with your belief, always be guided by how it feels.
Whereas, if you launch your desire, then let it go, and expect it to come with a knowingness that the universe is always on your side, that desire must come to you, for you are then a match to your desire.
You don’t even have to think about the how, the universe will sort that one out. Just be in a state of expectation and anticipation and look out for the little signs, synchronicities and baby steps that will take you to your hearts desire.
If you wake up in the morning and expect to have a wonderful day, full of love joy, friendship and fun, guess what, that’s exactly what will happen.
So today, expect to have the best day ever and watch in amazement how it unfolds..
Lots of love as always
Loraine X


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