The Magical Gift

Hi friends
The Magical Gift
I have heard Esther Hicks, who translates Abraham, say that she speaks into a voice recorder, to remember things that happen in the day or to just reflect on stuff.
And when I went on my road trip to New Zealand my friend Jo, who I went with, also had one and we listened to seminars, you tube, and music that she had recorded, I decided there and then that I wanted one.
When I got back from the trip I told my daughter that I wanted a digital voice recorder for Christmas.
Well this little machine, which is 1.5 X 3″ in size is just magical. I use it all the time, to talk about things I’ve learnt, to describe things that inspire me in the day, even short you tube recordings and there’s an mp3 player section for music.
For listening to your own voice when you’re feeling strong emotion is very powerful indeed.
As a personal development tool I highly recommend this little piece of magic, it makes you feel more invincible that ever.
Have a fabulous day
Love from
Loraine X


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