Who is Packing Your Parachute

Hi friends
Who is Packing Your Parachute
Charles Plumb was a navy jet fighter pilot in Vietnam, his plane was shot down and he parachuted himself out of the plane, he survived but was captured and spent 6 years in a communist Vietnamese prison, and he’s now an inspirational speaker on this topic.
One evening he and his wife were having a meal in a restaurant, when a man came up to him and said “you were a jet fighter pilot in Vietnam weren’t you” Charles said “yes I was, how do you know that” he said “because I used to pack your parachute every time you went out on a mission” Charles said “thank you so much, I owe my life to you”
Charles went home that night and couldn’t sleep, because this sailor that he didn’t know, took meticulous care in the exact precision of packing his parachute, knowing that the slightest mistake would cost him his life, and Charles at the time didn’t even think about it, didn’t know his name, must have passed him all the time during the day on the ship.
So now in his lectures he asks people the question “Who packs your parachute in life”
For there are many people who are there for you on a day to day basis, supporting and loving you, the friend who never lets you down, the parents who love you no matter what, the colleague who makes you laugh when you’ve had a busy day.
Also the people who seemingly do little things, but in reality lift you up, such as the passer by who smiles at you in the street, the assistant who helps pack your bags in the supermarket, the stranger who gives you a compliment.
All these people pack our parachute, and it’s time to appreciate and acknowledge them, and also in turn pack their parachute too and be the light that shines brightly, for we are all in this together.
Have an amazing day
Lots of love
Loraine X


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