Be Unreasonable

Hi friends
Be Unreasonable
When it comes to your life, do you fit in with the rest, do you live the life that someone else wants for you?
If so, it’s time to take stock and become unreasonable, and live as you’ve always wanted to, live a life of passion and bliss.
Wake up every morning full of enthusiasm and a spring in your step, eager to get out into the world and make it happen.
Your world is a reflection of what is going on inside you. It’s you and only you that can make things happen, you are totally and utterly responsible for everything, yes everything in your life, there is no randomness.
If you think wow, when I say that, you should, because we are so powerful and we can literally make anything happen.
This is no dress rehearsal, stop messing around your life is precious and short, but don’t live like it’s precious, live every moment in joy and bliss, follow your path to ecstasy and the universe will create the path for you to follow.
Get out there, be brave, be bold, follow your bliss.
And be unreasonable.
Lots of love
Loraine X


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