Dance With Mindfulness

Hi friends
Dance with Mindfulness
How often do we go about our day, being in it physically but mentally being elsewhere.
Our mind on chores, and problems that we’re trying to solve, the shopping, the kids school report, that project at work that needs to be in by next week.
All this stuff is inevitable, but it takes us away from being in the now and who we really are, for to be mindful in the present moment we can experience joy beyond belief.
Today, whilst walking along notice the squirrel scurrying up the tree, he’s totally in the now. Smile and watch the little kids just playing, they are always mindful and act spontaneously. Watch the sunset on the hazy horizon and be in a state of bliss at the wonder of it all.
We miss out on these magic moments when our heads are full of ‘stuff’
Today, I’m going to St.Neots with my son for a day out, for the sole intention of doing something different, and I’ve decided I’m going to be mindful all day long.
There’s a beautiful river there with boats on it that I’m going to relish and appreciate walking alongside it, I will look into the eyes of people I’ve never seen before and smile, maybe chat to them. I will watch animals and children and adore their enthusiasm and energy for life.
So today, I suggest you become more mindful and extract the beauty and magic of every moment in this amazing life experience. Have fun.
Love as always
Loraine X


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