Focus on Well-Being and Heal

Hi friends
Focus on Well-Being and Heal
The above statement sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is simple, when we focus on what we want, in this instance health and well being, the universe must deliver it, it’s law. The reverse is true too, what resists persists.
It’s natural when we get pain in our body or some sort of disease to feel fearful, and we go into survival mode, but once we have got over the pain and shock, we can then recreate exactly what we do want, and that is vibrant health, which is our most natural state.
When I was young I used to get loads of colds, and I would always react in the same way, get all the lotions and potions, feel sorry for myself, hide away, tell everybody I’ve got a cold and not to come near me.
Today, I never get colds. The slightest sniffle I forget about it and get on with what I love doing. My son had a cold recently I said get out in the fresh air, do your physical training which he loves and forget about it, the cold was gone almost immediately.
When you cut your finger it heals and scabs after a few hours, it’s the same with all disease or pains big and small.
In the film The Secret the woman was told she had breast cancer, she decided that what she wanted was health and well-being, she went about her day happy and not thinking about what the doctors told her (although still under the doctors care). In the evening she and her husband would watch funny films, within 3 months there wasn’t a trace of cancer.
Our bodies know exactly what to do to heal themselves, we just have to get out of our own way.
Doctors agree that being positive is beneficial to our health, I say our vibrational state is all you need to stay fit and healthy, it’s everything.
Health, well-being and vitality are our natural states, just focus on that and watch as your body returns to what it knows to be right, and is our birthright.
Love as always
Loraine x


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