Practice Just Being

Hi friends
Practice Just Being
A teacher that I follow recommends the following exercise.
For 2-5 seconds, 12 times a day for 3 weeks have no thoughts, be thought free for short little spaces of time.
Nothing to think about,no ideas,chores or worries, just being. Almost like 12 little meditations.
It can be done easily, walking to work, in your break, lying in bed, on loo.
You start to notice the space between the thoughts, you become aware of your own energy, you are more conscious, instead of rushing around and creating the unwanted.
Like a string of pearls once a few fall off, the rest just fall off and it’s the same with the negative thought patterns, they will all eventually diminish.
Try it, I found it to be very effective.
Have an awesome day.
Lots of love
Loraine X


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