Superb Inspired Action

Hi friends
Superb Inspired Action
I was going to call this post Stop Sitting on the Fence, but as we all know in this law of attraction, non-exclusion universe we want to talk about what we want and not what we don’t want.
What is inspired action?
It starts as a thought, an idea and normally pops up randomly like when doing other things, and when you are feeling good. This idea is a download from universal intelligence and from the highest part of who you are and must be acted on.
But often we dismiss these ideas and go on a rampage of excuses as why we can’t pursue this wonderful idea, like not enough money or time. You are doing yourself a disservice when you do, because this action would be in alignment to ‘who you really are’
For many years I kept saying I’m “I’m going to do yoga” but not any old yoga, there was a yoga teacher that I had 5 years ago who was excellent, unlike any other yoga teacher I’ve had before.
Last week I attended the yoga class with the same special teacher, and it felt like coming home, it felt like heaven on earth, it felt like I was in exactly the right place, and why did it feel like that? because I was acting in my highest interest, and I’m now doing that more and more.
My friend Kathy said that she loved to be busy, and I know her busy is doing a job she loves, mixing and chatting to people,and generally having an inspired day, not busy as in being overwhelmed, which does not feel good, but busy loving every moment.
This world is waiting for you to shine, get out there and act on inspiration.
Lots of love
Loraine X


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