Access Instant Bliss

Hi friends
Access Instant Bliss
Bentinho Massaro a motivational teacher who I follow, asked his audience – who can access instant bliss? of which a quarter of the audience put their hands up. This, said Ben was a good percentage.
For to access instant bliss in the midst of negativity, surely is the ultimate freedom, but I think for most people they would think it’s quite a hard thing to accomplish, but it can be done with forethought and practice.
For when it becomes your top priority to feel good, to think any other way soon becomes painful, and you become very sensitive to thoughts that do not feel good.
So the answer is to prepare, because if you don’t that negative thought wherever it came from will spiral downwards out of control, it’s the momentum of the law of attraction, and before you know it you’re feeling very depressed, so it’s essential to catch it in the early stages.
You know the subjects that make you feel good, your family, your pet, funny things people say, favourite affirmations, comedy programmes, have these tools to hand to access when the low mood starts.
Today at work in my break I have an affirmations app, instead of going onto Facebook, I read each affirmation and pondered each one and basked in its positive glory, I went back to work feeling on top of the world.
We choose our thoughts, so keep practicing the ones that feel like bliss and before you know it, it will feel like second nature to live a life of bliss that feels like heaven on earth.
Have a blissed out day
Love as always
Loraine X


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