Books Books Glorious Books

Hi friends
Books, Books Glorious Books
To read books is one of life’s greatest gifts, and as a personal development tool there are no limits to the amount of information, value and growth you can obtain from other people’s lives knowledge and experience, and can be read in just a few short hours.
For to be forever curious makes you grow, to think you know it all is very limiting.
Apparently, David Bowie read a book a day, wow how amazing is that, it’s just a continuation of his genius.
It doesn’t have to be biographies or personal development books either to be of great benefit, for it’s my belief that to read what you’re interested in is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
To get lost in a great story is the ultimate in creating your imagination, visualisation and communication skills.
At Christmas my daughter Kirsty said “I’ve started reading Harry Potter” having not taken much interest when she was a child. I said “I’m going to join you” even though it’s not what I would normally read.
I’m nearly at the end of The Philosophers Stone, and I’m amazed at J.K Rowling’s phenomenal imagination ingenuity and creativity, of which I can learn from.
I’m also reading an excellent book from a woman I met on my recent Fiji Island cruise and it’s, sassy, funny, expressive, sexy, controversial and highly inspirational.
Expand your mind, imagination and growth, and read books, you won’t regret it.
Have a wonderful day
Love from
Loraine X


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