There’s Only One Goal To Set

Hi friends
There’s Only One Goal To Set
We set goals such as buy a beautiful big house to live in, an expensive top of the range car, business goals, to meet our soulmate.
But why do we want these things, because we think we will feel better in the having of them, but when we realise we can feel better now just by thinking of them, the goal has already been reached.
Because have you noticed when you get that thing that you’ve wanted for so long, you’re happy for a short while and you’re onto the next thing.
All my goals now are emotional goals, to be happy, relaxed, in alignment with my inner being, to feel joy, have fun, be at peace, be kind, feel deep love
Every morning I wake up and say “I’m in alignment” and then I go about my day.
Then miraculously as you go about your life thoroughly enjoying it and being in a state of bliss the material things that you want come into your life effortlessly, without any need to struggle.
Yes there’s only one goal to set and that’s the delicious good feeling emotional ones.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine X


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