Go The Extra Mile

Hi friends
Go The Extra Mile
Whilst going through you tube videos to research good tunes for my forthcoming birthday party, I came across Elvis Presley’s famous live Las Vegas performance, singing Suspicious. Minds.
The song is only four minutes long but it went on for over six minutes, the band didn’t know what was going on and they kept playing along to Elvis’s continuing performance and getting quite exhausted in the process.
His performance is classic, he goes the extra mile singing “I’m caught in a trap,I can’t walk out, because I love ya too much baby” on bended knees, pump action with his arms, gyrating hips, sweating profusely, quivering lip. He even goes up to a backing singer and has a joke with her and makes her jump.
He plays up to the audiences love of him with his high energy vibrational electric performance, for he is totally in the zone and loving every minute of it, and I thought wow what a sight, it’s amazing to watch.
As an analogy of Elvis’s performance how about we use his example and live our lives like that? going the extra mile in everything we do, from chatting to our loved ones with our full attention, to dancing more raucously outrageous when we are out, being kind to a stranger, giving the shop assistant a compliment, donating to a worthy cause.
Let’s go the extra mile in our lives, spread more love, work up a sweat like Elvis in every thing we do, for we are not here for mediocrity we are here to experience outrageous joy, bliss and abundance.
Have a beautiful day beautiful people.
Lots of love

Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds Live in Las Vegas
Elvis’s concert in 1970 in Las Vegas. Visit :www.elvis.com Folow us on the Twitter Like us on the Facebook Thank you. Enjoy!


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