Go To That Feeling Place

Hi friends
Get To That Feeling Place
I’ve been listening to Mike Dooley who was in The Secret, he also sends fantastic daily messages called TUT, meaning The Universe Talks. I’ve signed up for a series of free videos.
In his first video he talks about what I already know and I think we all know by now is the first step of the creative process, but it never hurts to reinforce this knowledge.
We can be, do or have anything we want but the first step to the creative process is very important.
We have a desire, let’s say we want more money,most people would think that to achieve this desire they need to say “I want more money” but in this attraction based universe that’s not enough, you are actually sending a message that you don’t have enough and the universe will respond with more of not enough.
You have to get into the feeling place first, and it does take practice. Feel what it’s like to have loads of money as if you already have it, be as general as you can, get excited about the things you can do, be or have, get very creative about where you are going to go what you’re going to do with all your money.
The emotional feeling place is very important, your imagination can run riot with this if you allow it. But don’t get tied into specifics, that’s when you can start being negative, be as general as you can.
It’s only you that’s holding you back from all that you desire, just get into that feeling place of everything you want and leave the how’s and details up to the universe to deliver it to you.
We live in a magical universe and the world is your catalogue, you can pick exactly what you choose, be playful about this and let the miracles and magic begin.
Have a fabulous day
Lots of love
Loraine X


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