Never Be Offended

Hi friends
Never Be Offended
When people are rude to us and we feel offended, we are saying that persons opinion of me is more important than my own.
When people are rude they are unhappy with themselves, and the battle is with themselves and not with you.
You could take the attitude “your opinion of me is none of my business”
Constructive criticism is different, when a loved one has your best interest at heart, just thank and acknowledge their concern, but the truth is only you know what’s best for you.
When you get really good at loving yourself on a deep level, rude people don’t come into your vicinity, because we are attracting all that comes to us, and taking 100% responsibility for our lives is very powerful.
When your good feelings are engrained and unshakeable, no one can push you off that elevated level, and all you feel is invincible and unstoppable.
Have a great day
Much love
Loraine X


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