The Magical Peace Meditation

Hi friends
The Magical Peace Meditation
For some months I’ve known about a peace synchronised meditation vigil that took place yesterday at 3pm in a troubled area of Syria, joined by millions around the world
The email was sent to me by my Canadian friend Jo who I did a road trip around New Zealand with in November. In fact she has met James Twyman who led the meditation.
And whilst it’s not something I would normally do, because to focus on war only exacerbates it, this was different because we were meditating for peace which I’m all in favour of, and I thought why not it can only do good.
Anyway, as it turned out I had a doctors appointment yesterday at 14.40pm, but I was still going to do the meditation, after the appointment I was sitting in my car in Sainsbury’s car park at a couple of minutes to 3, so I decided to do the meditation in the car.
It went very well, it was quite peaceful apart from a few people starting their cars. I felt immense peace and tranquility, focused on children being fed and people living happily together.
I received an amazing email yesterday after the synchronised meditation, James Twyman and ten other religious leaders sat on a hill in a troubled part of Syria to commence the meditation, and three miraculous occurrences took place.
Firstly, an hour before the meditation there was a magnificent rainbow circling the sun, which indicated that they were not alone.
Secondly, a couple of hours prior to the meditation, beneath the hill they were on, was fighting and bombings going on, but during the meditation it completely stopped.
Thirdly, when the meditation ended a wolf howled and was soon accompanied by a pack of wolves howling, this went on for one minute, which I’m sure would have been absolutely awesome, to mark the end of the peace meditation.
For when large groups of people are involved in something like that they create a ripple effect of energy, that creates a high vibration and in this case a vibration of peace.
It’s far better for the good of the planet to be involved in something like this, than watch and moan about it on the news.
I’m really pleased I did the meditation vigil and will do more, if anyone else wants to do it just google James Twyman meditation, for at 15.15 yesterday I really felt I had served this planet in a very positive way.
Have a peaceful day
Love from Loraine X


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