Be a Creator Not a Victim

Hi friends
Be a Creator Not a Victim
To say you are the creator of your own reality is easy to say, but do you actually believe and feel it?
For whenever you are blaming anything outside of yourself you aren’t believing it, and you’re a victim.
We all do it, myself included, look at the outside circumstances and rejoice or get upset over what is happening, but they are a mirror of what is going on inside you.
Yesterday I did a two hour challenge, where every minute for two hours, for ten seconds, I would think of the best thought possible.
To look at the watch for that length of time did sone doing, but I did it, and came away feeling invincible, and had the most productive day ever.
It showed me that I do choose my thoughts and I create my reality. This exercise will bring you forward leaps and bounds in your personal development and you can pack in 2 years of learning into 2 hours.
When you truly get it that you and only you are the creator, your life takes on a new meaning, there are no more surprises, magic and synchronicities happen everywhere but they are now normal.
Creat your life exactly to your liking, by deciding to choose the thoughts that resonate with you, and the universe will respond to your song.
Have a great day
Lots of Love
Loraine X


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