Be Grateful for your Negativity

Hi friends
Be Grateful for your Negativity
When we are on this path to personal growth and development we want to stay positive and improve our lives.
And whilst to be positive most of the time is what we’re aiming for and is achievable, it’s inevitable that at times we will become negative, sometimes for long periods of time.
Either an old thought pattern will re-emerge, or the person who hurt us turns up in our life and re-ignites that same pain, or something on the news or in the newspaper upsets us.
Also the negativity is showing us exactly what we don’t want, therefore there is even more clarity of what we do want.
Instead of beating yourself up over this negativity, be grateful for it, accept and love it, because it’s showing you that you’re becoming more aware and conscious of your vibration, this is good because a majority of people don’t realise it’s happening and go further down the negativity rabbit hole.
It’s also showing that your emotional guidance system is working, that your higher self does not agree with the thought you’ve just had, and it’s just not true, so it’s your cue to get right back on track to your normal positive, high energy, powerful self.
With practice you get better and better at this, the negativity will become minimal and every corner you turn there will be happy, joyful, people, places and events to be grateful for.
Have a great day
Love as always
Loraine X


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