Its All In The Attitude

Hi friends
It’s All In The Attitude
At the weekend I went out with friends, we stood at the bar and decided to have a cocktail, it was buy one get one free.
It came to my turn to be served and as the bartender was making my cocktail I joked with him to chuck the cocktail in the air like Tom Cruise does in the film Cocktail, he laughed, I then went on to tell him about an amazing waiter called Handsome Johnny who did all these very clever tricks as my friend Georgina Cwikel and I sat and watched around a circular bar, with many others, wherein he had the 8 cocktail containers and served them behind his back, the bartender was impressed but said he couldn’t manage that.
We later went upstairs to where people were dancing, and it was very busy, I went to the bar to get a drink it was a small bar and people were waiting a while to be served, I thought rather than get inpatient I would people watch and use the time constructively.
There were three bartenders, the very friendly one who I had spoken to downstairs, he was very pleasant, chatting,relaxed, easy going, and smiling at people.
Then there was another one who served me, he was not smiling, he looked very stressed about all these people he had to serve, didn’t say thank you, I was just another person to him, even though I was secretly sending him love and lighten up thoughts.
So here we have two people doing exactly the same job, but so having totally different experiences, and I’m sure their lives are completely different.
The easy going happy guy, I bet in real life he is like that and creating great experiences in the process, likewise with the stressed out guy.
Every day we have a CHOICE, I’ve emphasised choice, as it is a choice as to what attitude we adopt first thing in the morning, circumstances do not dictate, we dictate then circumstances match our attitude.
So today make the right choice and go forward with the right positive attitude and create a day of your dreams.
Lots of love
Loraine X


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