The Comfort of Angels

Hi friends
The Comfort of Angels
Angels are not what I talk about regularly and they are not in my daily practice, but I do call upon them in times of need.
If I’m feeling anxious or low I will look up an angel card. If I’m feeling fearful I imagine walking along holding an Angel’s hand.
Angels respect your free will and will not intervene in your life unless asked, so I always make a deliberate decision to ask them for answers or comfort when needed.
When I go travelling I always imagine Archangel Michael by my side protecting me and giving me courage, for without him I doubt I would be able to do what I do.
A relative recently was given a diagnosis which worried her and in fact ruined her Xmas, but every day I pulled an angel card with a lovely positive message, and I texted this to her, and she found immense soothing relief and comfort in this.
Doreen Virtue is the Queen of Angels, she’s written many books, produced many beautifully illustrated Angel cards designed by Radleigh Valentine. To hear her speak is like listening to an angel, you wouldn’t go far wrong in buying any of her products.
My Canadian friend Jo whilst we were travelling in November gave me a beautiful clear crystal angel with affirmation beads attached to it, and I hold it and go along the 20 beads affirming positive messages.
Whether you believe in angels or not, I think there is no doubt that to imagine angels watching over you, guiding, protecting and loving you is a beautifully comforting thought.
Have a lovely day
Love from
Loraine X


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