How Best To Help Those You Love

Hi friends
How Best To Help Those We Love
When we see those we love suffer or get themselves into trouble or have health issues, our natural instinct is to get in there give advice, help in practical ways, even argue with them until they see our point and correct the error of their ways.
But have you noticed all the above does not work, because we are advising from our own perspective and not their own.
It’s a classic case of what resists persists, and invariably they push back against you.
For as much as we love someone we cannot be in their shoes,having their thoughts and experiences, they are unique to that person.
The best way you can help someone is to show them and if they will listen, to be aware of their own emotional guidance system.
Everybody has an emotional guidance system within them guiding them all the time, their feelings are showing them which is the right path and which is the wrong path.
Even if it looks like someone is going down the wrong path, to that person at that moment in time it may be the right path because it is serving them in some way, and they need to follow on that destructive path in order to learn something about themselves.
Another way to help those around you that you love is to be the best example you can be of leading a good authentic, joyful, happy life.
Someone who is following their own guidance system, by following what is blissful to them and ignoring what is not.
We are all on our own unique path to what is the best life for us and it’s all about learning and zig zagging along the way to what feels right and what feels wrong.
Follow your excitement, joy and bliss, and be an example of this, and you will be a shepherd of humanity to the world and those you love.
Have a great day
Love as Always
Loraine X


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