Money Follows Me

Hi friends
Money Follows Me
About five years ago I would say that I had a lack mentality, wherein I would worry about bills, get anxious when spending money, take long periods of time calculating my finances, but not any more, I would now say that I have an abundant mindset.
What is an abundant mindset? it’s not necessarily all about money, it’s more a knowing that everything you want already exists on a vibrational level and it’s a case of matching that frequency.
So money is a part of it, but it really is an energy exchange and the better you feel the more can flow into your life, and money now actually follows me around without even trying.
The reason for this is I have let go of resistance around the subject of money, I no longer worry about money as I know that whatever I want or need will turn up, although this change of mindset has taken me many years and I would say it’s been a gradual process.
Examples of money following me are
Taking action through inspiration on a little sideline business, that paid off through helping someone out and loving every minute of it.
Discounts on bills without me asking.
Getting a better rate per hour in my job than I thought I was getting.
Getting a refund on an item on my bank account.
And many more instances that show me that my mindset has changed.
A friend told me about people saying to her “has Loraine won the lottery, she travels all around the world, how does she do it”
All I can say to that is when you know what I know it does feel like winning the lottery, because the world literally is your oyster if you allow it.
When planning a big trip to anywhere in the world, my first thoughts are where do I want to go? What location excites me the most? Where will I have the most fun? What fills me with the most passion, enthusiasm and joy? how much it costs is totally irrelevant because I know that I can create the money, and then I plan on paying the trip in increments, and I’ve been doing this for four years.
So the flow of money is important too, money in money out, the money I spend is what I love doing, which is travelling and the universe is getting the message loud and clear to bring money for that reason.
If you cling onto your money fearful of spending it, the channel is blocked for more to flow to you, just focus on your passion and the money will flow to that.
My trip to Australia, cruise to Fiji and road trip to New Zealand cost £5k, and ten years ago in a million years I would never have paid that amount of money for a holiday, and that is the difference my mind now says that I can do it and I will do it, what you tell yourself and what you believe is the key to everything.
Would you like money to follow you? Of course you would, stop fretting and worrying about money, just know that money is not apart from you, it’s only a form of energy and that the money exists in your beliefs and thought systems and you can be as rich as you intend to be.
Have a wonderfully prosperous day.
Lots of love
Loraine X


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