Calm in Chaos

Hi friends
Calm in Chaos
Have you ever felt overwhelmed when circumstances appear and you get caught up in the drama?
I know I have, and it happened this week at work, so I decided I don’t like this and I know that if I want to change the way I feel and behave it is totally within my control.
Very often we feel that things happen to us randomly and we have no choice but to react angrily, fearfully, disempowered, sad, regretful, concerned.
Firstly, nothing happens randomly, all that comes to you is a reflection of your vibratory state, as in how your feeling mirrors your circumstances.
But when circumstances do occur that are not to our liking we can in that moment feel calm and in control, because we can choose how we feel at any time.
So in my situation at work I decided that my next shift I was going to be in control, calm and not overwhelmed, I’m a nurse in A&E so you can imagine that this can be a challenge.
It required a decision before I went to work what sort of day I wanted and I actually write it down every single detail from getting the car space I want, to my computer card working, to working with nice people colleagues and patients all day, for these minor things can if you let them upset the applecart.
I also visualised if things did get chaotic and there was drama everywhere I would stay calm in control, assertive, loving and helpful too.
It does require mastering your vibration, because if you don’t pre plan you will have knee jerk responses to circumstances and events and before you know it you will be joining the chaos.
The shift i had yesterday was perfect to the T just as I had planned, and feeling happy and in control at all times.
It is up to you how you feel, you can control the circumstances in your life not the other way around.
You can apply my example to any area in your life where your buttons are pushed and you think and behave in ways that are not to your liking.
So today feel calm in the chaos visualise, pre plan your vibratory state, master your vibration and know that you’re the creator of it all and so powerful.
Have an empowered day
Love as always
Loraine X


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